Sunday, January 18, 2009

P says:

I have been thinking about this for several days and it brought to mind something that happened a few years ago. A relative who went to some rehab meetings wrote to friends and family asking for forgiveness of past deeds (really small transgressions). I remember feeling uncomfortable in that role because, even though I didn't like the things she did, I didn't want to have the power of absolution. That is for a higher power, if there is one.. I did write her an encouraging letter and our relationship has moved ahead in a better way.

In Bush's and Cheney's case and also many others in their administration, there has been no recognition of the destruction they have wrought - and the effect on people who are the most vulnerable around the world. I am pretty sure they are not looking for forgiveness since they are still proud of the accomplishments of their time in office and have in fact been on a "legacy campaign" to promote it.

Forgiveness is not going to come from me but I would hope that accountability in the form of a criminal trial will show the world that we recognize what this country has done.

Good job on promoting the dialogue!

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