Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jim says:

I don't forgive George Bush.

When I think about the illegal Iraq war, my thoughts
seem to always bring up images of innocent
Iraqi children being killed and maimed by the thousands.
I can clearly visualize a TV newscast I saw several
years ago showing a terrified little Israeli boy crouching
down behind his father who was peering around the
corner of a building (with one arm behind him holding
onto his boy) during a fire fight with members of a PLO faction.
The look of horror on the little boy's face was unforgettable. The number
of Iraqi children and adults killed number over a hundred thousand
by some accounts. And then you need to add the number of people
wounded physically and emotionally, and those displaced
and ruined financially. And .... add to this our own deaths and casualties.
This is enough for me not to forgive George
Bush. Bush and his cohorts "cooked the books" to
wage the first ever U.S. pre-emptive war, not even caring whether
or not Saddam possessed weapons of mass destruction.
Bush and his team should be prosecuted for war crimes.
You and I and most Americans are well aware of the rest of
the "accomplishments" - to cite just a few: arresting and detaining
terrorist suspects (most of whom are innocent); torture; wrecking the
environment; wrecking the economy; awarding government positions
based upon party loyalty instead of competence; not being able to
handle a crisis (Katrina); incurring record budget deficits;selling out to
special interests; harming our relationships with other countries.

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